Car Maintenance Tips That Save You Money

car-maintenance-tipsI own a car. I think you have a car. Millions of people around the world and for cars. Some cars are sleek, beautiful and expensive. Some are beat-up, ugly and cheap, but they all lead us from one place to another. Because they are useful assets and very convenient for us in fulfilling our daily duties, it is necessary that our cars in good condition for Car Repairs and maintenance are met at all times. Many of us earn modest incomes. That is why we usually have very tight monetary budgets to us to spend our income from month to month. When it comes to money, savings here and there is usually favorable and for diversion to an area where there is a shortage. This is how millions of people around the world live their daily lives. To look under your car very simple steps will help you a lot of money, some of which seem insignificant at first sight saving. An estimate of the cumulative annual savings usually surprised many people because it is essential at this level. To save money for the maintenance of your car, you must do the following on a regular basis without fail. This way you 20% -30% per year on your car maintenance.

1.  Make sure your car is road worthy.
Many people drive cars that are not expected to be back on the road, or because the age of the vehicles or their poor maintenance records. A car is a machine, and like any other machine, it has a useful life, depending on their maintenance records. It is always recommended to any car that has become too expensive to maintain resting. The bottom line is cost. You can at any time in your old beat-up car trade for a newer model, where the cost of maintaining it unacceptable.

2. Regular tune your car.
This should be done at least once a month. A poorly tuned car uses up to 30% more fuel per year. It is cheaper to pay and regular tune up your car than to stand. You can do this in your regular car maintenance garage, if you can not do it yourself. Your regular car maintenance engineer or technician can even tune up your car for free.

3. Do you have the oil and filter changed in your car.
It’s not enough to just change the oil, make sure you use a high quality oil than recommended by your car maintenance engineer to make. Religious Follow the instructions and your oil at 2000-4000 miles of normal driving conditions, depending on the brand of your car. Frequent oil changes play a very important role in extending the life of your engine. When oil change the oil filter also changed. This oil change costs are more often than not pay for itself, savings in repairs and engine wear.

4. Regularly check the tire pressure.
Tire pressure should be checked at least once a month. Low pressure tires cause “drag” in your car, the more fuel it will need to keep pace makes. You lose up to 4% -6% in gasoline mileage can for each pound underinflation. Compared with the cheap cost of keeping your tires inflated to recommended pressure standards fuel loss through low-pressure tires is substantial.

5. Check your engine air filter every month.
A dirty air filter decreases engine life and reduces gasoline mileage up to 10%. You can filter by selecting it and blows dust with an air hose, or you can replace if you notice any significant damage.

6. Use only the recommended tire pressure.
Make sure you have the correct type of tire for your vehicle advised by the manufacturers. Alternatively, steel belted radial tires have a wide recognition for safety, so you can use it, but you must ensure that these links are not expired. With good connections with the right profile and radial dimensions, your gasoline mileage improve by 5% -10% per year. This equates to save a lot.
7. Regularly check fluid levels.
These must each morning when the car is old and once a week at the fairly new. Battery low water will shorten the life of your battery. Radiator coolant, automatic transmission fluid, brake and transmission fluids are fluids that are available and. In the right viscosity and the pressure gauge to work properly to allow your car Each of these fluids short or empty may cause malfunction of the vehicle. That there may be a defect brakes and other problems that cause damage to the engine or even crashes could expose. Engine is much more expensive than repairing this routine maintenance.

8. Use only the recommended fuel for your vehicle type.
If your car is old and completely beat up, it is appropriate to unleaded fuel. Although in many developed countries, there are different qualities and prices for gasoline are more expensive gasoline adds no benefit unless the preferences of your car manufacturer. Take the advice of your automotive service technician, because for most cars, premium gasoline offers no significant advantage. If your car is equipped with a high-performance engine and vehicle manufacturers recommended octane gasoline, the less expensive. Up to 5% -10% in fuel costs per year or the right fuel, the less costs to use.

9. Make sure tires are balanced.
Can be thousands of miles to tire life added by having them twice a year or even more often if you drive over bumpy roads regularly cleared. In addition to destroying the tread, improperly balanced tires wear out your shock absorbers and damage your suspension system, higher costs or even some accidents.
10. Make sure tires are properly aligned.
Check your tires regularly for alignment say about four times a year, depending on the type of roads you drive on. Misalignment results in uneven wear of the front tires especially tires. It can extend the life of the tires and may expose other dangerous damage. Compared to the cost of buying new tires regularly the cost of regular tire alignment slight.

Budget Stretching is needed on all these days. So save money especially on the essential and regular expenses is a good idea to do, especially in these difficult times. You can save a lot of money on your car maintenance, if you take this advice to heart. That being said, it is good to think about safety all the time, even at the same time reduce costs. I wish you a happy and economical motoring.

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