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Proper Car Maintenance


Car-proud people leave no stone unturned, so that the machine always seemed in their Sunday best. So they tend to stick-on, upholstered to match the dashboard and carpets where the feet sink. But care is much more than a glossy facade. Routine treatment should all car exterior and interior features. Car maintenance and repair should […]

Basic Car Maintenance Must You Know


The youth of today are usually fixed to the electronics and gadgets. Even the generation of them in this world are very much into the computer and the internet as part of the job. Therefore, people who care for their cars as relatively few people. Washing the car is only a small part of car […]

How Car Maintenance Warranty Can Potentially Save You Money

Dirty Car Air Filter

The total cost of a car during the life can be seen an intimidating figure. If you buy a new car, you should look at how much gas it takes care of the car, and the potential cost allocation, cost a true idea of how much the call during the lifetime of the vehicle make. […]

Car Maintenance and Repair